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Published on August 29th, 2017 | by Greg Roshier


Partagas Lusitania/Moa Southern Alps White IPA

We all have them. Those singles that roll around the humidor waiting for some suitable time or reason to smoke them. Most likely, if you are like me, you’ve long forgotten where they came from or just why they are still here.

With a few time-consuming work tasks approaching deadlines, I decamped down to Hastings Point, to the family beach shack, to work sans distractions (fat chance). After slogging along for a most of today, late arvo, I decided a good time for a cigar. I’d grabbed a mixed box for the trip, for just such a moment. Amongst them, a ratty old Partagas Lusi. I suspect I’d brought it back from a trip to Havana and I think it might have traveled home in a coat pocket or shoved in luggage somewhere – quite why it received such demeaning carriage, I have no idea. But I like Lusi’s – a lot – and it was not going to go to waste. With scudding showers coming through irregularly, this seemed an ideal time.

And I had brought some interesting beers to try as well.

The poor old cigar reminded me of a great line from the Boss – but while this might have been a ragged, jagged melody, it did not cling to me like a leech. The wrapper was torn and tattered but overall the cigar performed as well as one could hope. A very easy draw but some attractive flavours of toast, earth and nuts. Plenty of flavour.

The beer was a New Zealand favourite of mine, the Moa Southern Alps White IPA. A friend put me on to Moa ages ago and I’d often bring a few back from fishing trips (though I gave that up when one went rogue, mid-flight, and soaked my luggage, and probably that of a few neighbouring cases). Fortunately, it is now available in Australia. The White IPA is 6.4% so with 500ml bottles, a little discretion is wise. But it is a delicious beer. Wheat malts with Nelson Sauvin and Citra hops and some coriander spicing – the aim is a blend of Belgian Wit and IPA. I love it. It is fresh, good citrus notes, summer spices and despite the 6.4%, not heavy at all. For a good DC, ideal.

Together, more than enough flavour all round.

So down to the patio I went. While one cannot see the ocean from the patio, thanks to the trees that have grown up over time, one can certainly hear it. I was joined, for a while, by a curious scrub turkey but he was having none of it.

The Lusi, the IPA, a great book (‘Six Four’ by Hideo Yokoyama) and it was an afternoon hard to beat. The showers came and went, forcing me indoors on a couple of occasions, but the trade-off was a magnificent rainbow, touching down both ends. Hard to beat.

Ragged and jagged, it might have been but it was still a rare pleasure.


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